KYBER V2 Dev Update - Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II (April)

Development Update: Building The Final Components

The team speaks about progress on KYBER V2 and info about the Playtest.

Greetings, exalted ones. There has been lots of work behind the scenes in the run-up to the KYBER V2 Playtest.

Let's jump straight in!

When Will the Playtest Be Ready

The team has been working rapidly to deliver the Playtest within the expected timeframe. We chose not to set specific dates for development milestones, allowing our team the freedom to ensure the task is done right.

Earlier in the month the team took a much-needed rest from the project to recharge and come back with fresh ideas and spirited energy to tackle some long-lasting development challenges. This has resulted in some key components finally integrating with the project and bringing us one step closer to KYBER V2.

We do not expect any large delays so keep an eye out for news on the horizon.

The Playtest is Later Than Expected

I'm sure none of you are surprised - the team isn't - to learn that the Playtest will commence later than initially planned. While work is going exceedingly well, we are holding out for a key component from our integrated modding partner, Nexus Mods. The team at Nexus Mods has been hard at work in the wake of the Fallout TV show launching, which has significantly increased traffic to their website, and inadvertently caused some delays.

Please be kind to our fellow developers at Nexus Mods! We are receiving regular progress updates from them and we do not expect this to cause any significant delays.

While we are waiting for this our Frontend Engineer, Liam, has been focusing on polishing up the UI, specifically on the Server Host page. Here's a peek!

WIP Server Management tools.

Launch Options - Replacing the EA App with KYBER

KYBER is more than custom servers! It lets you play Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II any way you want.

Here are the launch options available in the new KYBER Launcher:
1) Custom Servers - with or without mods.
2) Official EA servers - with or without mods (cosmetic only).
3) Offline - with or without mods.

WIP Launch dialogue for EA servers and offline.

Language Localisation

Your overwhelming response to our call out for translators has blown us away!
We are keen to start translating KYBER into other languages, however, we must remain steady and focus on completing core features before work can begin.

Once the main body of development work is completed we will invite some of the volunteers to begin translating. If you are one of the many people who registered interest, please know that we will reach out to you when the time comes.


Thanks to a shower of support from the community the team has a renewed spirit and undying determination to launch KYBER V2. This project is a small step towards relighting the fire that is Star Wars™ Battlefront™. It is collectively up to us, the fans, to make it abundantly clear that there is an appetite for Star Wars™ shooters. This is the thing that drives us to continue playing the game, making memories and forming friendships in the community.

We hope you will join us in this new era. May the Force Be With You.

❤️ the KYBER team & everyone at Armchair Developers

Join the KYBER V2 Playtest

To join the Playtest click the button below to go to the sign-up form.

Applicants will be asked to provide their EA username, Discord username, operating system, and CPU & GPU models.

Please note that your EA and Discord usernames must be identical to what you provide when you sign up. Applicants are welcome to change their responses if the details have changed.

Accepted Playtesters will be notified on Discord shortly before the Playtest is due to begin.

Game Capture by Larsson

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