Behind the Scenes on KYBER V2 Development

Behind the Scenes on KYBER V2 Development

Here's a short behind the scenes look at what the team has been up to.

Production on KYBER V2 is going well.

BattleDash has been working on the backend systems, greatly improving stability and efficiency compared to V1. 7reax is working hard to bring you an intuitive all-in-one launcher, focusing mainly on the server browser layout and functionality.

We begin by discussing which functionality is required to deliver an intuitive server selection process. When the core features are decided we begin a process of rapid testing and iteration.

This is a wireframe diagram of a proposed new layout to test for improved ease of use and information clarity.

The diagram outlines the basic layout of the main UI elements, with brief descriptions that explain the intended functionality and interactions between elements. It should be noted that this specific design is not final and is just one of many designs that we are exploring.

To finish, see below for a very early WIP look at the new server tag system. Community Server Hosts can select from a range of pre-defined tags that appear in the server browser slot. Users can filter, search and combine tags to narrow down and locate the perfect server to play on.


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